The Special Primary School in Neratov

Pink Crocodile is supporting schools and centres caring for children with disabilities in the Czech Republic. One such organisation we support is Zakladni Skola Specialni Neratov,  a special school for children with sever complex needs, which was founded in 2014 by Sdruzeni Neratov. They currently have 18 kids, mainly with combined (mental & physical) disabilities or autistic disorders.

Official school website: Special Primary School in Neratov

Neratov donation

The Pink Crocodile Charity supporting the Special Primary School in Neratov

The Neratov Association (Sdruzeni Neratov), an exemplary integration project for people with disabilities. The organisation offers over 200 workplaces  for people with disabilities in and around Neratov (brewery, workshop, restaurant/cafe, assisted living, etc…).

Official website: The Neratov Association

Pink Crocodile News

Osvoime si staří is now receiving support with our help

Pink Crocodile supports Osvoime si staří with the help from the Discovery Group

Pink Crocodile and Crown Worldwide Group

Základní škola speciální Neratov has received a 10 000 USD check from Crown Worldwide Group with the help of Pink Crocodile.

Our Sponsors

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