Welcome to the Pink Crocodile Charity

We believe that being fortunate members of society we should act responsibly and always keep in mind the less fortunate ones and those in need.

Our Mission

To identify and support the children and the centres supporting them who are lacking access to resources for adequate and modern therapy services, education and equipment required to develop their best potential and be part of mainstream society.

Our Belief

Every child, irrespective of special needs, race, nationality, culture, social status or religion has the right to be happy and be an active member of society. Each deserves the right to the medical care, services, equipment, social support and education needed to ensure this.

Pink Crocodile News

Charity Advent Market

Join our partner Act for Others during their amazing Charity Advent Market taking place from 26-11.28.12. in Prague: https://www.actforothers.cz/en/upcoming-event/


Our Sponsors

These companies have been playing a key role in supporting the Pink Crocodile Charity.