College Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Fund for Underprivileged Children

As part of a new project from 2019, Pink Crocodile has established a scholarship programme for  underprivileged children and young adults in the Czech Republic to attend university or similar  higher education.

We are committed to support children from orphanages, foster children or children from a poor  social background seeking higher education in order to build a better life for themselves.

Pink Crocodile’s aim is to identify ambitious and gifted young people who would  based on their lack of financial resources and lack of parental guidance not  otherwise attend higher education. Through a careful application process and in  cooperation with DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI, o.p.s. (to be linked to we are selecting students and support them financially throughout their education.

Pink Crocodile News

Osvoime si staří is now receiving support with our help

Pink Crocodile supports Osvoime si staří with the help from the Discovery Group

Pink Crocodile and Crown Worldwide Group

Základní škola speciální Neratov has received a 10 000 USD check from Crown Worldwide Group with the help of Pink Crocodile.

Our Sponsors

These companies have been playing a key role in supporting the Pink Crocodile Charity.