Pink Crocodile o.p.s., celebrating 10 years of giving, was established in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic. Pink Crocodile is a non-profit organisation that is focussed on supporting underprivileged children, such as children with disabilities or children living under disadvantaged circumstances in the Czech Republic.

Pink Crocodile specifically supports the education, therapy and additional services for such children and young adults and helps them live for a better future. We wish to guide, encourage and support these children to live an independent and fulfilled life as their capabilities allow.

At Pink Crocodile we ensure that your donations go to the maximum to support these children and we comply with local and international rules of non-for-profit organisations.


What we have achieved in 10 years

  • 2009


    Supported an education programme for children with special needs.

  • 2013

    Prepared the opening of the Pink Crocodile School, a kindergarten and elementary school for children with special needs in Prague, through construction, financing, marketing and promotion. Actively supported the school for over 5 years.

  • 2016

    Completed a programme where we supported over 400 hearing impaired children in India and Sri Lanka.

  • 2017

    Committed to financially support Základní škola speciální Neratov.

  • 2019

    Started to raise funds for a college scholarship programme for children from Czech orphanages.

Pink Crocodile News

Charity Advent Market

Join our partner Act for Others during their amazing Charity Advent Market taking place from 26-11.28.12. in Prague:

Our Sponsors

These companies have been playing a key role in supporting the Pink Crocodile Charity.