5th Annual Pink Crocodile Charity Tennis Tournament

5th Annual Pink Crocodile Charity Tennis Tournament

7 Sept. 2014 from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.


RS Sports centrum

Suttnerové 841/2

160 00 Prague 6

Czech Republic

Date & Time: 

Sunday, September 7, 2014 - 10:00 to 17:00

Pink Crocodile is seeking sponsors and participants for its 5th Annual Pink Crocodile Charity Tennis Tournament in support of its Pink Crocodile Kindergarten and Elementary School for complex needs children in Prague, Czech Republic.

Purpose:   Support the education and development of complex needs children at the Pink Crocodile School

Registration: Please contact info@pink-crocodile.org

For the fifth year in a row Pink Crocodile continues to host its charity tennis cup in support of its charity for children and in particular for the Pink Crocodile school for children with special needs in Prague. Throughout the last four years companies and individuals have participated and joined in for a fabulous Sunday afternoon.


Again this year, we welcome corporate and individual teams to participate in the tournament, which is also a great networking event for the financial, property, legal, and accounting sphere among others and an opportunity to compete against your industry peers for the prestigious Pink Crocodile Tennis Cup.


The event will provide its sponsors with high visibility through logo placement, advertising material and media coverage. Our sponsorship options include:

Gold Sponsor: 100,000 CZK. Sponsor package includes entry of 3 teams (6 players), 6 visitor passes, dominant logo placement on all print/promo material, promotional stand at the tournament.

Silver Sponsor: 40,000 CZK. Sponsor package includes entry of 2 teams (4 players), 2 visitor passes, logo placement on all print/promo material.

Bronze Sponsors: 20,000 CZK. Sponsor package includes entry of 1 team (2 players), 2 visitor passes, logo placement on all print/promo material.


Teams: 4,000 CZK/team registration fee incl. food and beverage vouchers. Visitor: 500 CZK incl. food and beverage vouchers (200 CZK for children up to 14 – child friendly event with a number of activities planned). Refreshments and food will be provided to all players. We are looking for up to 24 teams for doubles and mixed doubles (two listed/previously listed players may not enter in one team). So get your partner and register now.


What have we achieved since last year?


Last September, Pink Crocodile achieved its ambitious plans and opened its doors of its Pink Crocodile School for special needs children. The long preparation of the school registration, as well as the reconstruction of the facilities has been successful and today we are proud to have completed the first school year. Besides satisfied parents and happy children who made significant improvements through our care, we are excited to announce the passing of the school inspection, a big step in our recognition as a professional school.

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