About us

About us

The focus of our organisation is the support of children with hearing impairment and/or complex needs, especially those living under disadvantaged circumstances.

 We support the education and integration of these children to mainstream society that enables them to enjoy a better quality of life.

We strongly encourage fundamental changes in systems and improvements in regulations in the countries where projects are ongoing.

We are currently active in these regions:

In the Czech Republic, Europe, the main focus lies on the operation of the education centre Pink Crocodile School for children with severe complex needs in Prague and their integration into society.

 The Pink Crocodile School offers quality education and services for these children, based on international experience and knowledge of our expert staff.

We currently work on building up new facilities for Pink Crocodile School and children hospice.

In Asia and Africa we support children with hearing impairment and children with complex needs along with their families, who live in poverty. We support the children with access to necessary rehabilitation, assessment, services, equipment and education so they are able to develop necessary skills to the best of their potential and be able to be integrated into mainstream society.

Thank you for your interest and concern.